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Silk Road Enterprises produces high quality custom designed Martial Arts Certificate Templates, Karate Rank Certificate, Masters Certificates, Mekyo Kaiden, Award Certificates and Judo Kendo Jujutsu Karate Aikido Certificates for your Martial Art School (Kwoon/dojo) or Organizations.

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Our Custom Martial Arts Certificate Templates are hand brushed in Chinese hanzi or Japanese kanji and on your choice of a quality certificate paper.

Our Custom Martial Arts Certificate Templates can be digitally enhanced to include an English translation, your school logo, and inkan/hanko (stamps) and printed on Elegant Phoenix Border Paper or Classic Dai Nippon Butokukai Style Border Paper. Your Martial Arts Rank Certificates can be delivered electronically at no extra cost.

We carry the largest variety of phoenix border certificate art, Dai Nippon Butokukai border art and other traditional Japanese border art on the internet.

We offer:
- Authentic Custom Wording - Completely tailored to your needs;
- Free English to Chinese/Japanese Translation;
- Classic DNBK Style Border Paper;
- A variety of Phoenix Border Paper;
- A variety of sizes and formats to choose from;

Artist consultation with you from the  beginning to completion; and

Our Custom Martial Arts Certificate Templates, Karate Rank Certificate, Masters Certificates, Award Certificates and Judo Kendo Jujutsu Aikido kempo ninjutsu Karate Rank Certificates are the best quality and the best price anywhere on the web - GUARENTEED

First Karate Rank Certificate
On April 12, 1924, Gichin Funakoshi, the "Father of Modern Karate," awarded karate's first black belt dan upon seven men. The recipients included Hironori Ohtsuka, founder of wado-ryu karatedo, Shinken Gima, later of gima-ha shoto-ryu, and Ante Tokuda, Gima's cousin) Kasuya, Akiba, Shimizu and Hirose. This beginning was a highly personal, yet formal ceremony in which Funakoshi is said to have handed out lengths of black belting and a hand brushed menjo (diploma) to his pupils.

Origins of Martial Arts Certificate Borders Design
The origin of the phoenix and classic border design originates in the imperial court of China and was only used on Official documents by the Emperor.

Three symbols of the Phoenix border.

Four symbols of the Classic border
The Blue Dragon is identified with the water gods and the gods of fertility who invoke the rains on which the harvest depends. To Confucian scholars, this mythic creature of supernatural powers represents strength, virtue and loyalty.


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