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About Name Translation

In China, use of Chinese characters for transliteration of foreign names is the most usual method. Chinese use phonetic sounds for foreign names, and as such one person's translation may be different from that of the other person, although certain commonly used words have fixed translations. In Japan a phonetic translation is done using katakana. Katakana is a syllabary that only represent sounds and so the characters themselves have no meaning. For aesthetic reasons one may choose to use a phonetic translation to to kanji (Chinese characters) - all which can be suitable for non-legal uses such as artwork.

Types of Chinese and Japanese Seal

Private seals

Private seals are unregulated; therefore they show the largest variety in content, shape, size, material and calligraphy.

Personal Seals (Chinese - yin zhang/Japanese Mitome-In)

The yin zhang/mitome is usually the size of an American penny or smaller. A male's is usually slightly larger than a female's. The yin zhang/mitome in always has the person's family name, and usually does not have the person's given name. In China and Japan they are often round (symbolizing money) or oval, but square ones are not uncommon, and rectangular ones are not unheard-of. The stonecan be carved raised and appearing red when the seal is pressed onto paper or the opposite. Borderlines around their edges are optional.

Society and Company Seal (Chinese – Zhaiguan Yin/Japanese - Yin Daihyoushain)

This is the familiar large seal of a society or company, regularly seen stamped on the right side of the document. There are no regulations with regard to size or inscription, although almost all such seals have the official name of the society or company. In China, Society and Company Seal are traditionally round whereas in Japan they are customarily square. In both countries the stone is carved raised and appearing red when the seal is pressed onto paper. Borderlines around their edges are optional.

Bridging Seal (Chinese - Feng Ni /Japanese – Wariin)

This is a seal that is usually affixed between two pages of a document so that the impression straddles them, either at the point at which they are bound together or at which the edge of one page is folded over another page. It is commonly seen on contracts, and on such official documents as a company charter or application for company registration. These are usually oblong. Borderlines around their edges are optional.

Leisure seal (Chinese - Jiyu Yin /Japanese - Gago in)

It is more a decorating seal and usually it is your nickname, favorite word or a slogan. The Gago in is many size and many shape. Borderlines around their edges are optional.

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